2024 Recipients and Finalists

As part of the 2024 Student Life Awards, we're proud to feature student leaders from across campus that were nominated and won the various leadership awards for their contributions to and leadership of the University community. These students/student groups were nominated by their peers, faculty and staff and were selected from outstanding candidate pools.

We congratulate them and all of our award nominees and thank them for their accomplishments during the past year!

Thank You

A special thanks to our award sponsors and to Tiffany Hoxie and Gabriela Nique for their hard work in organizing and coordinating the 2024 Student Life Awards Program.

Additional thanks to the members of our Student Life Awards Selection Committees for their support of student leadership on campus:

Jannatul Anika  |  Leadership & Organizational Development

Jen Morenus  |  Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center

Terrance Abney  |  Residence Life

Jose Maldanado  |  Trustee Student Organization Support

Tiffany Hoxie  |  Leadership & Organizational Development

Jose Garcia  |  Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development

Sara Raffia  |  Financial Aid Services

Joanna Rivera Davis  |  First Year Programs

Gabriela Nique  |  Leadership & Organizational Development

Krista O'Brien  |  Trustee Student Organization Support

Sydney Jefferson  |  Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development

Drew Granucci  |  Undergraduate Admissions

Kelly Bernatzky  |  Leadership & Organizational Development

Miguel Colon  |  Community Outreach

Mitchell Davis  |  Residence Life

Sarah Durning  |  Major Events and Programs

Sarah Bernhardt  |  Leadership & Organizational Development

Kaitlyn Macdonald  |  Residence Life

Kimberly Curry  |  The Graduate School

Jonathan Heiden  |  Undergraduate Student Government

Eliana Burke  |  Leadership & Organizational Development

Lyndsey Masterson  |  Student Health & Wellness

Meg Marshall  |  Community Outreach

James Walker  |  Residence Life

Zack Schultz  |  Leadership & Organizational Development

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Photo of Jake Lauro

Jake Lauro

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Photo of Jake Lauro

Jake Lauro

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Photo of Jake Lauro

Jake Lauro

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