Nomination Information

Nominations are NOW CLOSED

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Nominations are NOW CLOSED for 2023-2024

Please read the following information closely before proceeding:

Nominations, Acceptances, and Statements of Support MUST be completed in one submission. The nomination/submission form will enter a workflow and will reach the necessary contacts for the information needed for a complete submission. Accordingly, it is recommended that you obtain/prepare all the necessary information (detailed below) PRIOR to entering a submission, but saving the form is an available option. When you are ready to submit your nomination material, click the submit button on the right side of the screen.

The following information is required to submit a nomination:

  1. Student Life Award Nominee Information: Indicate the type of nomination and use the search function in the Nominee Name field to select the person you are nominating for an award. The remaining information should auto-populate.
  2. Award Information: Select the Student Life Award you would like to nominate this person for and explain why this person deserves to be nominated.

If you are Nominating yourself:

  1. Additional Nominee Information: Provide additional information about yourself.
  2. Reference Information: Self-Nominations require two additional statements of support. Search for your two references using the respective search fields. The remaining information should auto-populate.
  3. Accept My Nomination: Provide a statement supporting your nomination.

If you are nominating someone else:

  1. Statement of Support - Nominator: Provide information to support your nomination.

NOTE: Nominees will be sent a copy of the nomination submission.